Our philosophy differs fundamentally from the traditional trading activities of our competitors. Our ambition is not oriented towards becoming the largest company of the industry or offering the widest range of paper grades. In fact, we do not want to court all customers. We cannot represent all factories.

It is our express objective to offer our customers the maximum level of service in the international trade of packaging base  papers, in a reliable and sustainable manner. This is based on the fact that we know the exact technical possibilities, demand structure and distribution wishes of our suppliers. This way, it is ensured that we can refer orders that represent real added value for our suppliers.

PhilosophyIt is our guiding principle to bring the right order amounts and the correct specifications at the right time, quickly, unbureaucratically and without risks for the factory. As this approach is based on intensive personal contact, we can only serve a limited number of suppliers in order that the quality of the service is guaranteed.