We supply all base papers for the corrugated cardboard industry in the major markets of the world.

Corrugated cardboard base paper

Papers on pulp basis
· Kraft Liner Board (KLB), brown
· Semi-Chemical Fluting (SFC), brown
· Fully Bleached Liner Board, white

Papers on the basis of recycled paper
· Wellenstoff
· Schrenz
· Testliner 1,2,3
· White top Testliner
· Semi-Kraft
· High performance Fluting (waste based)

Sack Kraft papers brown and bleached
· Virgin brown Sack Kraft
· Virgin bleached Sack Kraft
· Bleached Kraft (shopping bags, lamination)

Technical competence: our team has worked in this industry for a long time, both in paper manufacturing and processing. We understand the problems of our customers and suppliers and offer specific solutions.